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Don't Eat That!

We are excited that you want to participate in this spicy journey with us and our friends. To help in this endeavor we will share our steps in this process.

Step 1: The Peppers!

There are three methods to getting peppers, that is growing, buying or donations.

Being Urban farmers we started with several different types of pepper plants grown in fabric pot. We harvested a plethora of pepper that allowed us to know more about the taste and heat of each pepper. 

Deciding to have a meetup we needed to gather more pepper so we sought out other local farmer. From these farmers we we purchased peppers and excepted donation. Purchasing peppers will make a starting or operating a meetup group expensive.

Step 2: Fresh or Drying!

Once you have acquired your peppers, it is time to determine if you want to dry them or use them fresh. If you prefer fresh peppers remember they have a short shelf life and have to remain refrigerated. 

There are several methods of drying peppers

Step 3: Grinding and Storing!

Coming soon.

Step 4: Location, Location, Location!

We were luck to have a friend that owned a restaurant that did not mind cooking our spices into their menu. This allowed members to pick hot spices, the food they were interested in and have them cooked into the food.  We tried different flavors and foods together to learn more about how the spices interacted.


We use small plastic cups with the snap on lids. First put the spices in the cup that we want, snap on the lid, write your initials on the top with a sharpie and have the server take it back to be cooked into the food. This is the easiest method we have devised.

Step 5: Setup a Facebook Group!

Setup a "Don't Eat That!" group page for your location. I then suggest creating a easy to remember web address for members to join. Below is an example of the one we use:


Step 6: Contact Us!


Reach out to us on our contact page with the Facebook address, your location and we will add your group to our clubs list.

Step 7: Marketing and Persistence!

Talk to your friends, co-workers or just random people you meet. There are a lot of spicy people out there with no real outlet to great taste. Persistence pays off, so keep telling people and getting people to the meetups.